FlexPak-G2 Product Sheet

The FlexPak­-G2­-V1G provides GPS + GLONASS L1 tracking for reliable positioning, even in obstructed sky conditions. NovAtel’s RT­2 L1TE™ L1-­only RTK algorithm allows reliable centimetre level accuracy for high precision applications. As with all four FlexPak­-G2™ variants, the FlexPak­-G2­-V1G is software upgradable in the field to provide the custom performance your application demands.



Base Station or Rover Performance

All FlexPak­-G2 models are capable of base station or rover operation. Using standardized RTCM 2.3, RTCMV3 and CMR+ message types, the FlexPak­-G2 is compatible with all NovAtel and third party GNSS receivers.

Enhanced Connectivity

Two standard DB9 communication ports support power in and out. One port may be dedicated to powering and communicating with a radio, while the other may be dedicated to your host application. Independent input/output and USB ports may be used simultaneously for time synchronization and direct connection to your laptop for field operation.