GrafMov allows for GPS post-processing between two moving platforms. By processing directly between two moving kinematic objects, the accuracy of the relative trajectory can be improved significantly over that of a stationary base, particularly if the base station distance is much larger than the relative distance. If the two antennae are fix mounted, then heading can also be computed.

GrafMov is purchased as an upgrade to GrafNav/GrafNet® post-processing software.


Relative Processing: All advanced features of GrafNav/GrafNet including KAR, reliable Kalman Filter, forward/backward/combined processing, dual- and single-frequency and fast processing speed are supported.

Relative Vector Output: GrafMov can export a number of relative vectors including local level, ECEF and range and bearing.

Relative Velocity: Not only is the relative position available, the instantaneous differential velocity vector is also computed.

Heading Determination: For applications that require heading, GrafMov’s fast integer ambiguity resolution algorithm (i.e., KAR) can make use of the antenna separation to further speed up initialization times. Pitch can be computed from the relative vector output.