IMU-CPT Product Sheet

The IMU-CPT™ is designed to be paired with NovAtel’s SPAN-SE™ line of GNSS/INS receivers. It is comprised of Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) and Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers. FOG offers exceptionally long life and stable performance compared with other gyro technologies. The IMU-CPT provides the best price/performance value of our SPAN® platform.


  • FOG and MEMS accelerometers
  • 100 Hz output
  • Wheel sensor input


  • Minimal import and export restrictions
  • Excellent price/performance value
  • Easy integration with our SPAN-SE GNSS/INS receiver
  • Supported by industry’s highest level of customer service

Improve IMU-CPT AccuracyThe pairing of the IMU-CPT with our SPAN-SE receiver delivers a fully integrated, tightly coupled GNSS/INS system, providing a continuous position, velocity and attitude solution. For the most demanding applications, Inertial Explorer® post-processing software from our Waypoint® Products Group can be used to post-process IMU-CPT data to provide the highest level of accuracy with the system.

Ease of Cross-Border Transport

The IMU-CPT is comprised entirely of commercial components to minimize potential cross border difficulties.