OEM625S Product Sheet

NovAtel and L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation have partnered to offer the only SAASM GPS plus civil Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) receiver available. The OEM625S combines a commercial dual-frequency NovAtel receiver with an L-3 IEC XFACTOR Selective Availability Anti Spoofing Module (SAASM) in a single card solution, reducing overall size and power requirements for defense end customer applications.



Easy System Integration in a Compact Size

The OEM625S is designed and built with a focus on product quality and ease of integration. It maintains our industry setting OEMV-2 form factor ensuring a successful drop in replacement and backward compatibility for existing customers. NovAtel’s established, comprehensive set of software commands facilitates system integration. The SAASM position is provided via a dedicated communication port, as well as through NovAtel’s software command protocol, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Optional GPS + GLONASS Tracking for Greater Performance

The civil side of the OEM625S is configurable for GPS or GPS + GLONASS GNSS capabilities. Adding GLONASS tracking increases available position in obstructed sky conditions, such as unmanned ground vehicle applications.