download OEMStar product sheet

The OEMStar is a low cost L1 GNSS receiver board with the same form factor as our OEMV-1 Series receivers. OEMStar uses the OEMV®/OEM6™ style command interface to easily integrate in to existing OEMV-1 Series systems.


  • L1 and SBAS signal tracking
  • API, GL1DE®, RAIM and 50 Hz firmware options
  • GPS only, GLONASS only or GPS + GLONASS


  • Low power consumption for longer operating time
  • Small, lightweight form factor ideal for size constrained applications
  • Low cost for handheld and timing applications
  • Easily upgradable to OEM615™ GNSS receiver

Small Form Factor with Low Power Consumption

Measuring only 46 by 71 mm, the OEMStar accepts an input voltage between 3.1 and 5.25 VDC and consumes less than 500 mW. This makes the OEMStar an attractive choice for use in handheld and battery powered applications.

Multi-Constellation Performance

The OEMStar features up to 14 channels of L1 GPS only, GLONASS only or combined GPS + GLONASS code and carrier phase tracking for increased positioning availability. Position, velocity and time information is available at up to 10 Hz, with a 1 PPS accuracy of 20 ns for GPS and 40 ns for GLONASS. The multi-constellation timing feature allows users to select a primary and secondary constellation for the timing source.