OEMV-1 Series Product Sheet

The OEMV-1DF is a high precision dual-frequency GPS receiver board in our smallest form factor. One of three variants of our OEMV-1 series, it is software upgradeable in the field to provide custom performance for a wide range of applications.



Compact Dual-Frequency Positioning Solution

Offers dual-frequency GPS tracking in our smallest form factor for applications where space is constrained. Available with NovAtel’s AdVance® RTK for reliable centimetre level accuracy over extended baselines. Enhanced ionospheric mitigation for consistent GNSS positioning and measurements.

Easy System Integration

Small in size and with low power consumption, the OEMV-1DF delivers customized performance for applications where efficiency is critical. As with all OEMV-1 Series variants, it is pin-for-pin compatible with the OEM615 and shares common interface commands.