OEMV-1 Series Product Sheet

Our OEMV-1G is an L1, GPS + GLONASS GNSS receiver board. It is one of three variants of the OEMV-1 GNSS receiver series and is software upgradeable in the field to provide custom performance for a wide range of applications.


  • L1, L-Band and SBAS signal tracking
  • RT-2 Lite, RT-20® API, GL1DE®, ALIGN® and 50 Hz firmware options
  • GPS only or GPS + GLONASS
  • Easily upgradable to the OEM615™ receiver board


  • Low power consumption for longer operating time
  • Small and light weight ideal for size constrained applications
  • GPS + GLONASS tracking provides reliable positioning and measurements even in obstructed sky conditions

Scalable Standalone Positioning The OEMV-1G GNSS receiver offers GPS + GLONASS L1 tracking for greater satellite availability, providing reliable positioning and measurements. Our RT-2 L1TE RTK option provides reliable centimetre level accuracy in real-time for high precision applications.

Easy System Integration

Our smallest form factor with low power consumption, the OEMV-1G delivers customized performance for applications where efficiency is critical. As with all OEMV-1 Series variants, it is pin-for-pin compatible with the OEM615 and shares common interface commands.