OEMV-3 Product Sheet

Tracks GPS L1, L2, L2C and L5 signals, as well as GLONASS L1 and L2. With integrated L-Band and multi-frequency tracking loadable through firmware upgrades, the OEMV-3 GNSS receiver eliminates the need for future hardware changes.



Enhanced, Flexible Firmware Features

The OEMV-3 provides decimetre level pass-to-pass accuracy with our GL1DE® smooth positioning technology. Our AdVance® RTK option provides centimetre level real time position accuracy. ALIGN® technology is available for heading and position outputs.

Superior Hardware Design

OEMV-3 hardware is designed to be flexible for a wide range of applications. It supports a higher input voltage range, and its high vibe TCXO design allows for better shock and acceleration performance. L-Band tracking eliminates the need for additional hardware.