Positioning Systems

NovAtel’s integrated global positioning solutions deliver success time and time again on land, sea and in the air. We help many of the world’s leading companies stay in the lead by consistently delivering OEM global satellite positioning products that are recognized for their technical innovation, unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer support.

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

SPAN Receivers

The SPAN CPT7 is a single enclosure Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) + Inertial Navigation System (INS) receiver powered by NovAtel’s OEM7® technology that can deliver up to centimetre-level accuracy. It’s lightweight, ultra-compact and offers a low power solution with multiple communication interfaces for easy integration on multiple platforms.
The PwrPak7-E1 contains an Epson G320 MEMS IMU to deliver world class NovAtel SPAN technology in an integrated, single box solution. It has a powerful OEM7™ GNSS engine, integrated MEMS IMU, built in Wi-Fi, on board NTRIP client and server support, and 16 GB of internal storage. The PwrPak7-E1 also has enhanced connection options including serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet.

SPAN Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

High performance tactical grade IMU combines with NovAtel’s GNSS technology to deliver 3D position, velocity and attitude solutions

GNSS Receivers

The PwrPak7D is a robust, high precision receiver ideal for ground vehicle, marine or aircraft based systems. 

Its multi-frequency dual antenna input allows the PwrPak7D to utilize NovAtel CORRECT® with RTK and ALIGN® functionality. The PwrPak7D has a powerful OEM7® Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) inside and offers built-in Wi-Fi, on board NTRIP client and server support and 16 GB of internal storage.

The PwrPak7 is a compact enclosure that delivers scalable Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) with internal storage and INS options. 

The PwrPak7 is capable of tracking all present and upcoming GNSS constellations and satellite signals. It also offers optional integrated INS support for continuous position, velocity and attitude through short periods of GNSS outage.

With its powerful GNSS engine, onboard NTRIP v1.0 and v2.0 client and server support, 16 GB of internal storage and enhanced connection options including serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet, the PwrPak7 is ideal for base station or rover applications.



High Performance GNSS Antennas
Performance of a choke ring antenna without the size and weight. Features high phase center stability and low phase center offset. Ideal for survey, ground mapping, agriculture, construction and mining, temporary and permanent reference station applications
Fixed Reference GNSS Antennas
Delivers exceptional availability and high precision in permanently installed and continuously operating applications. Typical applications include network RTK reference stations and CORS systems

Waypoint® Post-Processing Software

GrafNav is our static/kinematic baseline processor
Inertial Explorer®
Expands on the powerful features of GrafNav by adding support for loosely coupled and tightly coupled GNSS/Inertial processing
GrafNav Static is a network adjustment software package