ProPak-V3 Product Sheet

NovAtel’s ProPak-V3 is a durable, triple-frequency GNSS receiver that tracks GPS + GLONASS as well as L-Band and SBAS. When combined with one of NovAtel’s rugged GPS-700 series antennas, the ProPak-V3 provides superior tracking performance, positioning accuracy and reliability. It also supports USB communications and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) technology.



Advanced multipath mitigation

The ProPak-V3 provides superior multipath rejection close to the antenna and in high multipath environments.

Supports NovAtel SPAN Technology

A single cable from the ProPak-V3 to an IMU creates a robust GNSS/INS system that provides continuous 3D position, velocity and attitude, even during periods when satellite signals are blocked. The system delivers measurements at 100 Hz data rate.