SPAN on FlexPak6

The compact SPAN on FlexPak6 receiver houses our SPAN on OEM628™ dual-frequency plus L-Band GNSS/INS receiver board. It tracks current constellations and future GNSS constellations ready, with a highly configurable interface to ensure positioning and integration needs are met now and into the future.


  • L1, L2 and L2C signal tracking (L5 ready)
  • RT-2™, ALIGN®, API, and 100 Hz firmware options
  • GPS + GLONASS (Galileo and Compass ready) and L-Band Tracking


  • Flexible communication interface broadens deployment options
  • Multi-constellation tracking provides higher solution availability and reliability
  • Upgradable receiver firmware ensures easy updating to future signals
  • Supported by industry’s highest level of customer service

Easy In IntegrateThe translucent design of the SPAN enabled FlexPak6 GNSS/INS receiver allows users to view internal status LEDs for easy diagnosis, while a wide input voltage range and an array of interface options including Ethernet, Serial, USB and CAN Bus permit quick and simple integration. The lightweight form factor makes it ideal for weight and power sensitive application.

Designed for Flexibility

Ethernet, CAN Bus and the traditional I/O signals (PPS, Event markers, VARF, PV, Error and Position Valid pins) are easily accessible via an optional HD15 pin breakout cable. With onboard NTRIP client and server support and enhanced connection options, this robust, versatile product is suited to rover or base applications.