SPAN® on OEM615

The SPAN on OEM615 is our smallest dual-frequency GNSS/INS receiver board. Multi-constellation signal tracking and low power consumption makes the SPAN on OEM615 the ideal solution for size and power constrained applications.


  • L1/L2/L2C GPS + L1/L2 GLONASS signal tracking
  • RT-2™, ALIGN®, and API firmware options
  • GPS + GLONASS (Galileo and Compass ready)
  • Form factor and “pin-to-pin” backward compatible with our legacy OEMV-1 series


  • Small and light weight ideal for UAV, UGV and other size constrained applications
  • Multi-constellation tracking provides higher solution availability and reliability
  • Low power consumption extends operation time
  • Supported by industry’s highest level of customer service

Reliable PerformanceConfigurable as GPS or GPS + GLONASS. Adding GLONASS tracking increases available positions in obstructed sky conditions, increasing field productivity. Support of L2C provides stronger signal tracking and better cross correlation protection for better solution availability in low signal strength applications.

Designed for Flexibility

Modular firmware provides flexibility to configure the SPAN on OEM615 for unique application needs. Scalable to offer sub-metre to centimetre level positioning and is field upgradable to most OEM6 family software options. Options include:

  • AdVance® RTK for centimetre level real time positioning
  • ALIGN® for precise heading and relative positioning

Customization with Application Programming Interface (API)

Using a recommended compiler with the API library, an application can be developed in a standard C/C++ environment to run directly on the receiver platform, eliminating system hardware, reducing development time and resulting in faster time to market.