SPAN on ProPak-V3

The SPAN on ProPak-V3 is a durable dual-frequency plus L-­Band GPS/INS receiver. It delivers a continuous position and attitude solution when paired with a GPS antenna and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).


  • ­L1, L2, L-­Band and SBAS tracking
  • ­GPS only or GPS + GLONASS
  • ­RT­2™, RT­2 Lite and R­20® capable
  • ­Aluminum enclosure


  • Provides continuous position and attitude even during brief periods when satellite signals are blocked
  • ­Rugged enclosure ideal for demanding work environment
  • ­Multi-­constellation tracking yields higher solution availability and reliability
  • ­Proven OEMV-3 technology ensures reliable positioning solution
  • ­Supported by the industry’s highest level of customer support

Protects Against Harsh ConditionsA durable metal enclosure ensures your SPAN on ProPak­-V3 GPS/INS receiver delivers accurate positions even in harsh environments and EMI conditions. Combined with one of our rugged dual-frequency GPS­-700 series antennas, the SPAN on ProPak­-V3 provides superior tracking performance, positioning accuracy and reliability.

Support for Systems Integrators

The SPAN on ProPak-­V3 can power external peripherals such as a UHF radio or an IMU. A single cable from the receiver to an IMU creates an enhanced system that delivers up to 100 Hz position and attitude measurements. Supported by NovAtel’s SPAN® technology, it is unaffected by short outages or reduced satellite coverage.