SPAN-SE Product Sheet

SPAN­-SE is the engine of NovAtel’s SPAN® technology. It provides the user interface to SPAN and outputs raw measurement data or solution data over several communication protocols or to a removable SD card. The dual antenna version uses two GNSS antennas mounted on a vehicle to assist with alignment on moving vehicles and to deliver a more accurate heading solution in low dynamic conditions such as marine.


  • ­L1, L2, L-­Band and SBAS tracking
  • AdVance® RTK performance
  • ­SD card data logging
  • ­Single and dual antenna support
  • ­Wheel sensor input for ground systems
  • Supports real-time heave filter for marine applications


  • Provides continuous position and attitude even during periods when satellite signals are blocked
  • ­Multiple communication protocols for ease of integration
  • ­Supports Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) from a variety of suppliers
  • ­Multi­constellation tracking yields higher solution availability and reliability
  • ­Proven OEMV® technology ensures reliable positioning solution
  • Rugged and environmentally sealed enclosure
  • ­Supported by industry’s highest level of customer service

Powerful, Proven GNSS TechnologyThe SPAN­-SE utilizes NovAtel’s OEMV receiver technology. The OEMV is a feature rich receiver, delivering GPS + GLONASS capability and AdVance® RTK. A dedicated CPU for real­time GNSS/INS processing results in fast data rates and low raw data and solution latency for highly dynamic or time critical applications.

Enhance SPAN-­SE Accuracy

Take advantage of our AdVance RTK as well as support for L­-Band or SBAS to improve real­time performance and accuracy. For more demanding applications Inertial Explorer® post-processing software from our Waypoint® Product Group can be used to post-process SPAN-­SE data to provide the highest level of accuracy with the system.